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Before meeting my husband, the Navy was something rather foreign to me – something I would read about but that would never touch my life (unless I was attending an anti-war demonstration). Then I met my husband, who happens to be one of the most gentle and peaceful men on the planet.

I thought that I could ignore the fact that he is in the Navy, but because we move every two years, it’s kind of hard to block out. Instead, I have found another home on my yoga mat and am dedicated to bringing my yoga practice off the mat and into the world.

Yoga has helped me realize that groundlessness, or uncertainty, is where we all live anyway, regardless of whether or not our life is stable in the traditional sense. “Walking on My Hands” refers to living in the moment, to experiencing the world a different way, to navigating the changes we all face whether we are married or single, whether we are someone’s daughter or mother or brother or father, employed or exploring, whether we are soldiers, poets, singers, Republicans, Democrats, or pizza deliverers. No matter who we think we are, we often surprise ourselves. Because we are all adventurers here, we are all new at this, we are all learning how to live, how to breathe in this crazy, beautiful world.

I would love to hear from you and about the patch of green earth you call home. Subscribe here and consider yourself found. Leave a note below or email me at pamelahuntcloyd@gmail.com


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  • Lou Anne Sexton says:

    Thank you for writing this blog. I am the mom of two teenage boys who are nearing the end of high school, so I’m in a different parenting place than you. However, I am still learning every day from my two boys and my calm and put together husband. Your writing is captivating. Thank you!

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  • Mimi says:

    Thank you for writing about “mistakes”. It’s a beautiful story about becoming aware. Aware of what we think and feel about ourselves and what we project out into the world. I love how the mistakes are reminding you how to live…each moment, every day, in relationship to one’s self and to others. Life is the path to God – who is in us as us…and all around us.

    When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we can open to the givenness of life and feel the love that’s there for us. I love how you took the breath, in awareness of where you were, and moved forward with your trip down the road. A great metaphor for life!

    Much Love to you on your journey. Keep writing!

  • Judy Berna says:

    In crusing through your blog I was captivated by the posts on moving. We have also moved many times, but we are not military. My husband works for the Federal Highway (Envirionmental Protection Specialist) so we always land in a state capital. We’ve lived in MO, D.C., Utah, NY, and now Colorado, all in the past ten years.
    I can totally relate to the angst of moving. I think the mom, especially, feels it differently, because we are in charge of the organizing. The packing up the favorite toys and finding them safe on the other end. The signing papers at one doctor’s office so the next one can know our medical history. The researching school districts (again!) to see where we should be looking for housing. And even the simple stuff like finding a place in the new house where the tape, scissors, stapler and envelopes should go.
    I feel sometimes like I spend a year getting us to feel settled and at home, just in time to start researching the next location. I know you know what I mean!
    The thing my children have learned however, is that there is always a friend waiting on the other end. They were ages 1-10 when we started our moving and are ages 11-20 today. With each state they’ve made new friends, made new memories, and seen parts of the country that many of their school friends have only seen on TV.
    And I have found different parts of myself in each location. In our five years in NY (our longest stay) I found the writer side of myself. I’d always dabbled in writing, but found an amazing writers group there and began to see myself in a different light. I ended up writing a weekly parenting column for our local paper for several years, something I would have never seen coming.
    In our new life in CO, I’m already finding new sides of myself. The people I meet, the routine of our life here, open up new areas in me and contribute to the person I’ve become with each consecutive move.
    So I guess I’m saying, “Be open to what each new place has to teach you.” Just as each new state has offered new places for our family to explore, they have also taught me new lessons about who I am and what I really want.
    Great blog! If you have a second, pop over to mine. I have not been as faithful in recent weeks, as we’ve had some family medical issues, but I have a lot of archives. It’s somewhat about being an amputee mom, but generally about just finding joy in raising kids, no matter what state we end up in.
    Happy Moving, my friend! I’m so happy to be on the other end of this move, at the stage of hanging pictures on the wall again!

    Judy Berna

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